Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Develop Reading Interest for Children

Do you have problems with your children with regards to reading? Do they have the interest to practice reading alone or you have to push them all the time to read their lessons? Actually reading is a lifelong education. It is not a one day study, activity or practice. Reading can change the children and will benefit them for their entire life. But due to the exposure of television and other electronics gadgets, some children are diverted their attention to this. That is why parents find it so hard to bring back their attention to their studies. So we need to think some strategies on how to cultivate children’s reading interest. Below are few suggestions which somehow can help bring back their attention to reading.

  1. Identify child’s psychological characteristics. Let them choose books or reading materials which they love to read, but choose carefully reading materials which can give values and enhanced the imaginative skills of children. Parents should display also interest in reading so that children will follow.
  2. Be flexible and have patience to children’s reading process. As we usually observe that children has different likes of books. Sometimes they have many reasons before staring reading. They like to flip pages to another of the book. But don’t blame them. Just let them go over the pages until their emotions will be set.
  3. Read with the children. It is said that parents should as much as possible read with children together at home and make the child read the books. At the same time make communications about what you and your children is reading to practice his ability to understand the content of what he is reading. In this case the reading interest of the child will become stronger and the level of understanding will gradually improved.


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