Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Food habit

Do you have preschoolers or grade school children? Have you checked their lunch box? Are there any leftovers? If yes, then there must be something in the food habit of your child. Food habits are formed during the preschool years. By giving your child nutritious food during this period, you establish a healthy food habit that your child will carry on in later years. Whatever level your child is preschool or grade school, it is important that she/he is eating nutritious food in school and getting adequate nutrition to meet the physical, mental and emotional demands of school life. It is advisable to prepare your child packed meals to ensure that she/he is getting the proper amount of nutrition. Because if you depend on the snacks and lunch in school they are inadequate. Include rice and starchy foods, fats and oil to give energy for playing and learning. Give milk, fish, poultry eggs and dried beans to make your child grow faster and build strong muscles. It is also good to include fruits and vegetables for a strong immune system, good eyesight, clear skin and healthy hair. So it is really important to train your child good food habit as early as possible.


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