Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Advantages of Breasfeeding

It is said that breastfeeding is the best form of food that a mother can offer to his/her child. Because of the following advantages.
1. Breastmilk is a complete food; it provides all the nutrients and water needed by a healthy infant during the first 6 months of life and continues to provide about one half of nutrients in the second year of life.
2. The composition is always ideal for the infant.
3. It has immunological properties that protect the infant from infection, especially diarrhea.
4. It is clean; it does not require the use of bottles, nipples, water and formula which are easily contaminated with bacteria that can cause diarrhea.
5. It encourages "bonding" of the mother to her infant, which has important emotional benefits for booth and helps to secure the child's place within the family.
6. Milk intolerance is very rare in infants who take only breastmilk.
7. It also helps birth spacing, mothers who breastfeed usually have a longer period of infertility after giving birth.

So if you are a full time mother better go for breastfeeding. It will also save money, time and effort. The most important is your baby will be healthy.


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