Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to All!. I am so happy because I had a four days vacation starting today until November 2. I'll be back to work on November 3. But I am also sad because I'll be missing you all. I just hope that you will continue visiting me, I promise to visit you back upon reporting to work on Tuesday. I'm praying for safe travel to everybody.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Make Your Child Become a Good Listener

Do you consider your child a good listener or he/she will never pay attention to what you are saying? Being a good listener is critical to your child’s success at school. Children who are good listeners have the advantage of being a very good friend to others. So it is important to start building your child to be a good listener. Below are some of the tips and ways to help your child become a good listener. I did it to my children and it help me to discipline them too.
1. Be a Good Listener Yourself. Don’t interrupt your child when he/she is telling you a story. Pay attention to what he/she is talking about. If you want him to listen to you then he needs to see that you are listening to him too.
2. Give Clear, Simple Directions for Everyday Tasks. Make sure that when you give instructions to your child say it in a very simple way that is easy to understand. Do not forget to say the magic word “Please” and “Thank you”.
3. Praise Good Listening. Make a special point of praising him when he follows directions. This will reinforce his desire to listen more.
4. Say what You Mean. When you say “yes or no” to your child, you should stick to your word no matter what.
5. Be Consistent About Consequences. If you enforce consequences do it without giving him a second chance. Your child will be more inclined to do what is asked if his actions have clear enforceable actions.
6. Read Aloud Together. Spend time with your child reading this will help him prepare for story time at school. But do not force him to listen to books he’s not interested in.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Four Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

It said that the most powerful weapon against our enemies is through prayer, and praying the Rosary is one of the highest forms of prayer that God give us. Below are the benefits we received in praying the Rosary. That is why it is important that as early as possible we should teach our children how to pray.

  1. It gradually gives us a perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ
  2. purifies our souls and wash away our sin
  3. It gives victory over all our enemies
  4. It makes it easy for us to practice virtue.
  5. It sets us on fire with Love of Our Lord
  6. It enriches us with grace and merits
  7. It supplies us with what is needed to pay our debts to God and other people and above all it obtains all kinds of graces from Almighty God

The Five Joyful Mysteries
(It is prayed on Monday and Saturday)

1. The Annunciation of the Angel to Mary
2. The Visitation of Mary to Queen Elizabeth
3. The Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem
4. The Presentation of Jesus to the Temple
5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

The Five sorrowful Mysteries
(It is prayed on Tuesday and Friday)

1. The Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
2. The Scourging of Jesus at the Pilar
3. The Crowning with Thorns
4. The Carrying of the Cross
5. The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

The Five Glorious Mysteries
(It is prayed on Wednesday and Sunday)

1. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
2. The Ascension of Jesus to Heaven
3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
4. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven
5. The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

The Five Light Mysteries
(It is prayed on Thursday)

1. The Baptism of Jesus Christ
2. The Wedding of Cana
3. The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
4. The Transfiguration
5. The Institution of the Eucharist

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steps on How to Pray the Rosary

October is devoted to the Blessed Mother for the Holy Rosary. During this month all students of Catholic Schools spare thirty minutes everyday to pray the rosary. My daughter who is in kindergarten and is schooling in one of the catholic schools in our place knows how to pray the rosary. I was so amazed that at her young age she can already memorize the prayers of the rosary. Below are the steps or guide in praying the rosary.

  1. While holding the crucifix, make the sign of the cross and then recite the Apostles Creed.
  2. Recite the Our Father on the first large bead.
  3. Recite the Hail Mary on each of the first three beads.
  4. Recite Glory Be to the Father on the next large bead.
  5. Recite the Fatima Prayer “O My Jesus” on the large bead.
  6. Recall the first Rosary Mystery and recite Our Father on the large bead.
  7. Recite Hail Mary on each of the ten beads.
  8. On the next large beads recite the Glory Be to the Father, Fatima Prayer then each succeeding decade of the rosary, reciting the Our Fathers, Hail Marys, Glory Be to the Father and the Fatima Prayer.
  9. After completing the five mysteries, the Rosary is concluded with the Hail Holy Queen Prayer and sign of the cross.

Davao Oriental Escapade

Hello friends in blogging! Maybe you’re wondering that nobody answering in my site. I just came from Davao Oriental for recruitment and testing. We went to different schools of Cateel, Baganga, Caraga and Manay. We slept in Mati for it was the only place in Davao Oriental with good hotels. Though we felt dizzy because of the crooked road but we had fun and enjoyed watching the Davao Gulf and Mountain View of the places.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Who is My Guardian Angel

October 2 is the Feast of the Guardian Angel or The Guardian Angel's Day. All of us have Guardian Angel to protect and guide us everyday. Below are the Guardian Angels assigned by GOD. They are assign according to the day of your birthday.

Monday (St. Gabriel)

St. Gabriel is the bearer of God's secret messages to His chosen ones. He is the Angel who announced to the Blessed Virgin Mary God's plan for her to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus (Luke 1:19).

Tuesday (St. Raphael)

St. Raphael is the Archangel of the Christian's journey to heaven. He is assigned by God to accompany us along the way of our pilgrimage in search of the treasures of real happiness which God has in store for all His children. He also gives the light to discern correctly God's ways and protects us from the dangers that befall us on our way to our heavenly home. As his name Raphael connotes, "medicine of God," he is the Angel that brings good health and abundant provisions during our journey. (Tob. 8:3; 12:15).

Wednesday (St. Uriel)

St. Uriel, with the weighing scale in his hand, reminds us of divine justice that weighs according to its true worth whatever good we do and whatever doings we commit in relation to God, to our neighbors or to ourselves, both as individuals and as a community of nations. He also reminds us of the terrible judgment of God upon the world for the human pride and godlessness with which human affairs are conducted.

Thursday (St. Sealtiel)

St. Sealtiel continually stands before God, with incenser in hand in unceasing adoration of the Most Holy Trinity. As the Archangel of contemplation and worship, his angelic purity transforms the love and worship which we mortals give to God. We need St. Sealtiel's powerful intercession before God's throne to overcome the evils of hedonism in our day. He is known to be the angel who stopped Abraham from killing his son Isaac as a sacrifice.

Friday (Jhudiel)

God's mercy comes to us every moment of our lives. Without it, we would die. With it, God provides us the graces we need for our bodies. Mercy is God's love helping us fight the temptations of life and obtain forgiveness for our sins. Mercy is grace for bodily and spiritual needs. Mercy is God Himself through the merits of Jesus Christ bringing us back to our Heavenly Home.

Saturday (St. Barachiel)

St. Barachiel is the Archangel who was assigned by God to keep watch over His adopted children, taking care that He and the Choirs of Angels assigned to the task guard these transformed souls in all their ways, bearing them up in their hands, "lest they dash their feet against the stone on their way to their heavenly home."

Sunday (St. Michael)

St. Michael is the Commander-in-Chief of all the hierarchies of the Heavenly Hosts. He is usually known as the Angel who defeated Lucifer and his followers in the first rebellion of creatures against God. By his battle cry: "Mi-ca-El" which means "Who is like unto God?", he was named Michael. He is the first defender of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Mystery of the Incarnation. He is usually associated with the miracles manifesting the almighty power of God with the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Dan. 10:12; 12:1; Apoc. 12:7).

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