Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Need a Break!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Feel Good and Look Beautiful!

We can observe nowadays that most of the hospital personnel are wearing scrubs. Scrubs refer to trousers and shirts or gowns worn by hospital personnel while on duty. Unlike before wherein we could see them wearing the all white type of uniform and we will be able to identify them as nurses, doctors, laboratory staff and other hospital personnel by the kind of uniform they are wearing. But now, all of them are wearing scrub uniforms. It becomes their daily used uniform since it is easy to wash, dries quickly, and they can easily move whenever there are emergency cases to be attended. That is why they are more comfortable wearing it.

Scrub uniforms are not available in the market. If ever there are stores displaying ready to wear scrubs, but it’s not that durable and does not firmly fit to your body. That is why it is advisable to have your scrubs sewed to a certain Tailoring Shoppe. So if you are looking where to buy or order scrub uniforms, nursing uniform, lab coats and other accessories then, blue sky scrubs is definitely the answer to your needs. Blue sky Scrubs was owned and created by Shelby Marquardt who was an anesthesiologist at Herman Hospital in Houston Texas. She created the first Blue Sky Scrub product which was the scrub hats. It was created out of her observation inside the operating room wherein she was disappointed to saw herself and other staff looked unpleasant. At first, her version of scrub hats was for her own used but then her co-workers noticed it and began to like and screamed for their own. So she accepted their orders and began sewing every weekend. she kept on improving the and developing new designs of scrubs and accessories where it became popular around the world. Blue Sky Scrubs offer lot of fashionable, colorful and elegant nursing scrubs.

You are surely guaranteed of the durability and quality of their products wherein they are made from the finest and top quality fabrics. As a matter of fact they have expanded their line of products by producing accessories like hats, jackets and women scrubs and men scrubs. They offer free shipping on orders amounting to $155 or more outside United States. They can be reached through this line 888.302.5837 and they also have customer service crew to assist your inquiries online. So if you want to feel good, look beautiful, have your scrub uniforms sewed at Blue Sky Scrubs.

Friday, January 21, 2011

How Parents can Encourage Emotional Intelligence and Empathy in Their Children

Empathy is sometimes mistakenly believe as something that is naturally inherited when we are born but the fact is that it is a skill that can be taught. There are some ways parents can try teaching empathy and boost their emotional intelligence.

1.      Make sure your child’s own emotional needs are met. Before a child can express empathy to somebody it is a must that his own emotional needs are first met. That emotional support comes from his parents and other people.

2.      Teach your child how to cope with negative emotions. It’s a normal feeling for kids and even adults to experience negative emotions such as anger and jealousy. But for a child who is taught on handling these feelings in a positive way by sympathetic parents likely to have strong emotional intelligence and empathy.

3.      Ask, “How would you feel?” Kids are geared toward empathy. Even a child who sees someone who is in emotional distress is likely to show sympathy by trying to comfort the person. At the same time they are also self-centered beings so if they committed a mistake by hurting somebody either their brother or sister or friend, as parents you need to explain that such behavior can hurt the person emotionally and physically. Try asking him the questions like, “How would you feel if they will do the same to you?” It will him realize his mistakes.

4.      Name that feeling. To help the child understand emotions and feelings, identify and label them as possible. If he behaves in a positive way to other people then say to him that it was very nice to do good things.

5.      Talk about positive and negative behaviors around you. Children and adult are constantly exposed to examples of good and bad behavior in real life, TV and movies. Talk with your child about the behavior. Discuss to them the different types of behavior and their effects to other people.

6.      Set a good example. The child learns how to interact with other people by watching you and other adults he saw. Show to him what it means to be a kind person in that way you will be teaching him how to be an empathetic person.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Why Empathy and Emotional Intelligence Matter?

As parents it is important to teach our children about empathy and nurturing emotional intelligence. Empathy is the ability to be able to put oneself in someone else’s shoes and being able to understand the emotions and feelings of other person.

That is why emotional intelligence and empathy matter. According to studies, empathy is an essential life skill. Emotional intelligence or quotient – being able to understand his own feelings and the feelings of others as well and as being able to control his own emotions and exercise self control is thought to be more important for success I  life than intelligence quotient or IQ.

Empathy can also be an important factor in teaching the kids what bullying is and how not to engage in that kind of behavior. That is why teaching the kid about empathy is an important foundation in preventing bullying in school.

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