Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Develop Reading Interest for Children

Do you have problems with your children with regards to reading? Do they have the interest to practice reading alone or you have to push them all the time to read their lessons? Actually reading is a lifelong education. It is not a one day study, activity or practice. Reading can change the children and will benefit them for their entire life. But due to the exposure of television and other electronics gadgets, some children are diverted their attention to this. That is why parents find it so hard to bring back their attention to their studies. So we need to think some strategies on how to cultivate children’s reading interest. Below are few suggestions which somehow can help bring back their attention to reading.

  1. Identify child’s psychological characteristics. Let them choose books or reading materials which they love to read, but choose carefully reading materials which can give values and enhanced the imaginative skills of children. Parents should display also interest in reading so that children will follow.
  2. Be flexible and have patience to children’s reading process. As we usually observe that children has different likes of books. Sometimes they have many reasons before staring reading. They like to flip pages to another of the book. But don’t blame them. Just let them go over the pages until their emotions will be set.
  3. Read with the children. It is said that parents should as much as possible read with children together at home and make the child read the books. At the same time make communications about what you and your children is reading to practice his ability to understand the content of what he is reading. In this case the reading interest of the child will become stronger and the level of understanding will gradually improved.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Show Respect to One Another

Respect is an important part of love, treating others with high regard, honor and esteem. But unfortunately, what is happening in the real world is the opposite. There are hostile, violence, war and disrespect of human beings. Respect implies consideration for the right of one another to be unique and free to make decisions. It is a saying that you will find in every person what your seek. If you see people as sinful, you will find sin, but if you see them as God's creation, you will find their potential for good. What is happening to some part of our country is a very devastating one. They never respect the lives of the people. Is this how we impart to our children? The inhuman act of violence? If we want respect from our children let us show to them that we also respect them and others. Let's treat children with the dignity they deserve. Let's be courteous and kind as well as firm and consistent rather than dwelling on the bad. It's never too early to begin treating children with respect. Start when they are first born. Respect their feelings and you'll find them more willing to cooperate. So respect begins at home. If you show respect to your children most likely your children will do the same to other people when they are outside.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How To Develop Self Confidence for Children

Self-confidence is believing once abilities. That is why as early as possible children should be guided on develop it. Because as I remember way back in my childhood days I was really hesitant to perform and show off my abilities maybe because I was afraid to be criticized. That is why it is very important to pay much attention to children about their self confidence. As a parent or the teacher it is a great responsibility to help the children build up self confidence. But how?
1. Show respect and trust. The children show a natural curiosity, encourage them to do things independently, give enough attention and praise, avoid ironic remarks. If they do something wrong, avoid scolding him, instead guide them to find the solution or tell them the right method. This will strengthen their capability and will feel worthy to the family.
2. Set goal which they can achieve. Parents should be flexible in setting their expectations for their children. If that is what he gets then encourage him to do better next time.
3. Be a good model. Set as an example by your own action. Children always imitate what they see in you. Hence if you have poor confidence also then, it will be difficult for you to build up to your child as well. If you have poor confidence also, try working it and improve yourself first before building your children to be confident.
4. Be aware of children special talent and help them to build and grow from them. Even at young age children are already showing their special skills and talents, encourage them to build and improve it as well. This will help them boost their self confidence and motivated to go further without hesitation.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Gotta See This Video Contest

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Parenting Styles

There are three parenting styles that parents can choose from. First is the Autocratic Parent with the belief of "I must Control my child". The goal for the parents is to impose obedience, respect for authority, healthy fear and responsibility to others. The discipline tools use are rewards, punishment, threats, bribes, yelling, and demanding. Second is the Permissive Parent with the belief of "I must Please my child". The goal of the parents is to set freedom, respect for self, a go for it mentality and responsibility to self. The discipline tools use are pleasing, hoping, pleading, giving in and giving up. Third is the Democratic Parent with he belief of "I must Lead my child". the goal of the parent is to have cooperation, respect for self and others, courage, responsibility to self and others. The tools use is logical consequences, I-message, natural consequences, family meeting, negotiation and asking.
Every parent has it's own way of disciplining their children it maybe a combination of the three or two or just one style. It depends on the situation and the kind of children they have.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Advantages of Breasfeeding

It is said that breastfeeding is the best form of food that a mother can offer to his/her child. Because of the following advantages.
1. Breastmilk is a complete food; it provides all the nutrients and water needed by a healthy infant during the first 6 months of life and continues to provide about one half of nutrients in the second year of life.
2. The composition is always ideal for the infant.
3. It has immunological properties that protect the infant from infection, especially diarrhea.
4. It is clean; it does not require the use of bottles, nipples, water and formula which are easily contaminated with bacteria that can cause diarrhea.
5. It encourages "bonding" of the mother to her infant, which has important emotional benefits for booth and helps to secure the child's place within the family.
6. Milk intolerance is very rare in infants who take only breastmilk.
7. It also helps birth spacing, mothers who breastfeed usually have a longer period of infertility after giving birth.

So if you are a full time mother better go for breastfeeding. It will also save money, time and effort. The most important is your baby will be healthy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Nutrition for Children

Having children is a big responsibilities for parents especially when it comes to nutrition. Now that they are getting older and experiencing school life, their nutritional needs also are increasing. Your child is encountering new challenges everyday and you want to give support by giving hi/her good health. You know that by giving your child proper nutrition today, you are establishing a healthy foundation to help him/her achieve success in the future. That s why good nutrition is very important. Consider this tip that I got from a television show.
It says that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a healthy breakfast reduces fatigue and sleepiness in the mid-morning hours, improves alertness and concentration, and helps your child function more efficiently. Studies show that children who eat healthy breakfasts perform better academically. It is also important to serve variety of foods to children. A varied diet should include rice and its alternatives like corn and bread, fish and other seafoods, meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits and oils, sugars and beverages like milk and water.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TIPS for Feeding Dilemma for Children

Are you having trouble/problem feeding your child? Does she/he have a weak appetite? do you often see his/her plate full of leftovers? I guess most of your answers is yes. But worry no more because there few tips and reminders to help you feed nutritious food and increase his/her appetite.
1. Be a role model in practicing good eating habits. By preparing healthy food for your family and eating healthy food yourself, your child will eat healthier too.
2. Be consistent with meal schedules. Serve food on regular times, preferably before your child gets overly hungry or tired.
3. Be patient with child-like table manners.
4. Make mealtimes fun by using colorful plates and utensils. You could also try using utensils that have your child's favorite cartoon character as design.
5. Prepare dishes that are simple-flavored. children do not like meals that are spicy and have strong flavor.
6. By cutting fruits and vegetables in small fancy-shaped pieces, you are making them fun to eat in your child's eyes.
7. Make mealtimes enjoyable by encouraging happy talk and engaging in fun conversations.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Food habit

Do you have preschoolers or grade school children? Have you checked their lunch box? Are there any leftovers? If yes, then there must be something in the food habit of your child. Food habits are formed during the preschool years. By giving your child nutritious food during this period, you establish a healthy food habit that your child will carry on in later years. Whatever level your child is preschool or grade school, it is important that she/he is eating nutritious food in school and getting adequate nutrition to meet the physical, mental and emotional demands of school life. It is advisable to prepare your child packed meals to ensure that she/he is getting the proper amount of nutrition. Because if you depend on the snacks and lunch in school they are inadequate. Include rice and starchy foods, fats and oil to give energy for playing and learning. Give milk, fish, poultry eggs and dried beans to make your child grow faster and build strong muscles. It is also good to include fruits and vegetables for a strong immune system, good eyesight, clear skin and healthy hair. So it is really important to train your child good food habit as early as possible.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Junk Foods

Does your kids love to eat junk foods? They really love it, even adults like it also. What food should be considered as junk? Is it bad for our health? Junk food refers to food that have high calorie contents but little nutritional value. They are generally high in fat, high in sugar and low in fiber. another problem with junk foods is that they low in satiation value, which means that people do not feel as full when they eat them. have you noticed it? This is in turn could lead to overeating, and later on result to obesity. they also replace other nutritious foods in a person's diet. So better not to offer or buy any junk foods for your child instead serve them with fruits or vegetables which are good for health.

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