Friday, November 13, 2009

Parenting Styles

There are three parenting styles that parents can choose from. First is the Autocratic Parent with the belief of "I must Control my child". The goal for the parents is to impose obedience, respect for authority, healthy fear and responsibility to others. The discipline tools use are rewards, punishment, threats, bribes, yelling, and demanding. Second is the Permissive Parent with the belief of "I must Please my child". The goal of the parents is to set freedom, respect for self, a go for it mentality and responsibility to self. The discipline tools use are pleasing, hoping, pleading, giving in and giving up. Third is the Democratic Parent with he belief of "I must Lead my child". the goal of the parent is to have cooperation, respect for self and others, courage, responsibility to self and others. The tools use is logical consequences, I-message, natural consequences, family meeting, negotiation and asking.
Every parent has it's own way of disciplining their children it maybe a combination of the three or two or just one style. It depends on the situation and the kind of children they have.


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