Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Show Respect to One Another

Respect is an important part of love, treating others with high regard, honor and esteem. But unfortunately, what is happening in the real world is the opposite. There are hostile, violence, war and disrespect of human beings. Respect implies consideration for the right of one another to be unique and free to make decisions. It is a saying that you will find in every person what your seek. If you see people as sinful, you will find sin, but if you see them as God's creation, you will find their potential for good. What is happening to some part of our country is a very devastating one. They never respect the lives of the people. Is this how we impart to our children? The inhuman act of violence? If we want respect from our children let us show to them that we also respect them and others. Let's treat children with the dignity they deserve. Let's be courteous and kind as well as firm and consistent rather than dwelling on the bad. It's never too early to begin treating children with respect. Start when they are first born. Respect their feelings and you'll find them more willing to cooperate. So respect begins at home. If you show respect to your children most likely your children will do the same to other people when they are outside.


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