Thursday, November 5, 2009

TIPS for Feeding Dilemma for Children

Are you having trouble/problem feeding your child? Does she/he have a weak appetite? do you often see his/her plate full of leftovers? I guess most of your answers is yes. But worry no more because there few tips and reminders to help you feed nutritious food and increase his/her appetite.
1. Be a role model in practicing good eating habits. By preparing healthy food for your family and eating healthy food yourself, your child will eat healthier too.
2. Be consistent with meal schedules. Serve food on regular times, preferably before your child gets overly hungry or tired.
3. Be patient with child-like table manners.
4. Make mealtimes fun by using colorful plates and utensils. You could also try using utensils that have your child's favorite cartoon character as design.
5. Prepare dishes that are simple-flavored. children do not like meals that are spicy and have strong flavor.
6. By cutting fruits and vegetables in small fancy-shaped pieces, you are making them fun to eat in your child's eyes.
7. Make mealtimes enjoyable by encouraging happy talk and engaging in fun conversations.


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