Sunday, December 6, 2009

Building Self Confidence

Self-confidence is believing once abilities. That is why as early as possible children should be guided in developing it. As parent or teacher it is a great responsibility to help the children build up self confidence. But how? Below are some of the simple tips:
1. Show respect and trust. The children show a natural curiosity, encourage them to do things independently, give enough attention and praise, avoid ironic remarks. If they do something wrong, avoid scolding him, instead guide them to find the solution or tell them the right method. This will strengthen their capability and will feel worthy to the family.
2. Set goal which they can achieve. Parents should be flexible in setting their expectations for their children. If that is what he gets then encourage him to do better next time.
3. Be a good model. Set as an example by your own action. Children always imitate what they see in you. Hence if you have poor confidence also then, it will be difficult for you to build up to your child as well. If you have poor confidence also, try working it and improve yourself first before building your children to be confident.
4. Be aware of children special talent and help them to build and grow from them. Even at young age children are already showing their special skills and talents, encourage them to build that talent and that will motivate them to develop self confidence.


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