Saturday, March 19, 2011

Positive Reinforcement Vs. Bribery

According to Leah Ibañez-Yumul, an educator and child specialist, that some parents mistakenly associate positive reinforcement with bringing or giving material rewards. What is the difference between positive reinforcement vs. bribery? In bribery, you promise something bigger than the behavior you are expecting. You tend to negotiate or beg, or even trying to increase the value of the prize just to make it sure that the behavior you wish is being performed. In positive reinforcement, there are still rewards but in the form of verbal encouragement, small tokens or a reward given is commensurate to the positive behavior exhibited by the child. Material rewards need not be expensive; it can be their favorite cartoon character stickers, erasers and many other small things. Rewards can be also non-material, and it is highly recommended such as a hug, a wink, a kiss and a compliment for a job well done.


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