Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Handle Stress Without Affecting Your Kids

If we are stressed out after a long day work from the office, sometimes we can affect some of the family members especially the children. According to some study, more than 2,000 children and adults, 90% of kids say that they know when their parents are stressed because they see them arguing and complaining or their parents won’t mind them which resulted them to felt sad, worried and frustrated. The survey reported that 70% of parents say their own anxiety affects their children. Given those economic pressures along the way, how can parents address the effects of their stress on their children? Below are some of the tips to minimize the effects of stress.

1.      Acknowledge it. Don’t underestimate how tension influences the children because children will knew if you are stressed out.

2.      Watch yourself. You have to check how you react during anxiety. The children will get the negative vibes from you and it puts pressure on them. Anxiety can make them nervous which could harm their health and behavior.

3.      Teach your kids. Children will look up on what you do, so manage your stress by using healthy activities, such as listening to music or exercising just to calm your nerves.

4.      Play. According to research that play is an important way to take away stressed. It promotes bonding between parents and children.


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