Sunday, March 6, 2011

How To Motivate Your Baby to Read

Most parents wanted only the best for their children. They make it sure that they can provide all their needs. But there are few gifts you can give to your child than the love for reading. The love for reading is the best and most treasured gifts a parent could offer to their child at an early age. But how can we ignite their passion for reading.
1.      Talk and read to your baby from birth. It is believe that even if the child is still inside the womb of the mother he/she can already hear voices from outside. That is why it is important that during pregnancy a mother should talk or read books for her baby. When children hear words or sounds as often, they become familiar and are prepared for reading.
2.      Hold your baby on your lap. When babies feel happy and cared while you read, he/she will associate reading with good feeling.
3.      Let you baby hold the book. Let your baby explore what’s inside the book. Choose books that have textured such as pop-up books so they can feel.
4.      Choose rhyming books. It helps reinforce structure and rhythm of language and will aid in learning vocabulary. It is found that rhyming sounds are easy to remember that is why children can easily memorize and familiarize it.
5.      Reinforce and expand. When you child begins to speak few words, try to expound it by adding a descriptive words to it. This is to expand their vocabularies.
6.      Be a role model. Enjoyment is reading is contagious, when babies see their parents engaged in reading, they are also motivated to read. And it becomes their favorite hobby instead of playing computer or playing their toys.
7.      Keep books within reach. Keep your child’s reading materials within their reach so that they can have an easy access whenever they want to browse it.
8.      Make it fun. Don’t force or obliged your child to read which will make them think reading as a chore; rather enjoy your time reading by adding silly songs or playing word games.


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