Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Ways to get Your Child to stop from “Humming”

Kids hum for a variety of reasons. This can be to wear you down, to make you feel guilty, for reassurance and out of pure habit. Whatever the reason, humming is unattractive at best. It creates an atmosphere of nosiness inside the house and suddenly makes yourself upset and mad against your child because of continuous humming.
The word STOP, will help remind you how to respond rather than react to your child's humming:

S - slow down your reaction time. Don't answer complaints until you feel cool.

T - take responsibility for your end of the equation. Ask yourself, "What is it I am doing either positively or negatively that is causes your child's tendency to hum?"

O - one-liners should be prepared in advance. Statement like: "I will discuss this with you once you ask me without humming."

P - plan ahead. For instance, I have a tendency to give in because I feel guilty when I say no to my kids. To help me be firm, I remind myself that it's in my kids' best interest to hear the word no.

Humming can sometimes losses your patience but I would suggest to study the behavior of your child and once you know him well you can easily deal with it or ask him question like: "How can I help you stop humming?" Remember, habits are hard to break, and it will take creative planning, confidence in your little one's ability to make positive changes and time before any progress is made. To end humming is only part of the problem. At the same time we need to teach our kids more effective ways of communicating with us and with others.


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