Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Motivate a Child How to Write

I really find it hard motivating and teaching my kindergarten son to write. He seems not interested in writing. He will always say he doesn’t know every time I taught him on how to write the letters in the alphabet. But I am hoping that he will develop the soonest his interest in writing because writing comes naturally to children. That is why I did some researched on how to motivate children how to write which I hope will be applicable to my son.

1. Keep the pressure off – Give your child every opportunity to put pen to paper, chalk to sidewalk, paint to easel and marker to poster but make sure it’s all in fun. Preschoolers are just beginning to understand how words are used to convey thoughts and they are still developing the fine motor skills needed to form letters. As parents we need to encourage them in order for them to realize that writing is an activity with its own unique rewards.
2. Experiment with writing tools – Let him try the different types of writing tools like crayons, chalks, pens, pencils but be sure not on your wall. Remember that they are more at ease using fat pencils or crayons than skinny ones. Let him choose the writing tools which will make them comfortable while writing.
3. Experiment with surfaces – For beginners, try using white papers, big pads of newsprint will also do because children love to work in a big surface.
4. Model good writing habits – Be a model to your child. Let your child see you writing on a daily basis- like writing letters, to do list or keeping a journal. Always remember that children are big copycats. They will follow every movement that they see in you. So be enthusiastic so that children will get the chance to follow you.
5. Use the computer – If you have computer at home let your child compose words on the computer. Let her click the letters on the keyboard until she can form words or phrases that convey thoughts.
6. Be enthusiastic – Show interest and admiration to every output your child does even if it just looks not so good. Always say compliment words to every achievement he made. Saying like “You’re really learning how to write your name”. This will encourage your child to practice more and do better output next time.


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