Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Help Your Teens Do Their Homework

Do you have trouble with your teens when it comes to doing their homework? Homework in high school is not was it was when they were in grade school. It could be something you have never studied and don’t know enough about to help your teen, or it could be a long drawn out project that takes your teen an entire semester to complete. Whatever it is, there will be times that parents can’t really help their teen in the ‘traditional’ sense of sitting with them and going over the answers. You and your teen will need a few different skills to solve the problem, try these:

• Know where to find usable resources. As soon as your teen knows his/her schedule, look up websites that can help in a crunch. Local college libraries are perfect resources for high school Advanced Placement students and normally offer cards for local residents.
• Write down the times the teacher is available for extra help and encourage your teen get it when it is needed.
• Work on your teens organizational skills..
• Encourage your teen by being there for him/her. You do not need to know what his/her vocabulary means to be able to look at the answer sheet and quiz your teen. This one-on-one time means a lot.
• Hire a tutor. There is no shame in getting some professional help, especially if it works and if you don’t have enough time to study your teens because of your work.


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