Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sources of Parental Rejection

Do you know that there are many parents who are rejecting their own kids for varied reasons? Below are some of the reasons.

  1. Wrong Timing. Many children is rejected, not accepted, not appreciated or loved as he needs to be simple because he came at the wrong time. When a child comes at the wrong time, it can lead the parents unconsciously to reject him.
  2. Disappointment over the Sex of the Child. This happens for first born baby especially when the father wanted to have a baby boy but fortunately it was a baby girl. Problems arise when there is a crossover of roles. If these roles becomes uncertain of his sexual identification. He will ask himself, “What I am supposed to be?
  3. Extra Responsibility. Some couples are so emotionally immature that they are totally unprepared for the responsibility of parenthood. Other parents are so busy doing their own thing that they have little time left over for their offspring.
  4. Unrealistic Expectations. Many parents are secretly disappointed because their child is so average. And they had hoped for a child with unlimited personality and talent.
  5. Extended family attitudes. In some families, extended family members bring pressure on parents either to have children or not to have children; when to have them and how to have them; how to train and how not to train them. It is said that grandparents or other members of the extended family can be a marvelous asset to the family. But at the same time, parents must not allow grandparents to take over child rearing.
  6. Social Pressure. Other parents are deeply concerned about universal hunger, over population or the end of time. A parent who accepts such ideals could reject a child. Selfishness is the root of all sin, unhappiness, marital discord and broken families. As we work at being better parents and spouses, we shall mature and lay aside our selfish desires by living for the good of others.


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