Friday, July 16, 2010

Tips on How To Raise a Resilient Teens

Parents cannot constrain themselves to their teenager and supervise every decision he makes throughout his adolescence. Parents want their teenagers to know when and how to protect themselves against negative peer pressure, teen drug use, bad grades in school, and other social problems. They want them to learn how to grab their own boot straps and pick themselves up. This is called teaching resiliency. There are five factors contributing resilient to teens.
1. A strong relationship with a parent or caring adult who takes a parenting role in the teen’s life. Teens need a good foundation that starts from the family. They need someone that is there for them with guidance and love.
2. A sense of accomplishment will make your teen feel capable. Once he has experienced this feeling, he’ll want it again.
3. Good communication and social skills are essentials to resiliency. Teens need to ask for what they need and explain the why’s without acting like they are going into battle. For this reason alone parents should learn not to buy into power struggles.
4. Problem solving skills give more than we think. Teaching your teen to make choices is one way of building his confidence whenever problems arise. Therefore, he’ll be able to think through the problem and find all of the choices he has to help solve it.
5. A supportive environment at school and community makes it easier to work on a problem if you know there is help down the road should you need it.
These five factors will help your teenager to become a resilient person. Though it may not happen overnight, but its worth to wait until he develops his ability to face the problems.


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