Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tips to Make Your Child Eat

Do you have eating problems with your child? Do you give in or give up in dealing such attitude of your child towards foods? Being a parent it is really necessary to think as many strategies to fight back the attitudes of our children. We should be very patient in dealing them and we need to study their manners so that we can think of a strategy and help them towards what is best. Below are some of the tips that will aid in helping your child eat regularly.
• Offer new foods at least twice a week, along with old favorites.
• Don't pressurerize your child to eat, but make it clear that you expect him to taste new foods. Spitting it out is ok.
• Offer desserts with nutritional value: such as pudding made with skim milk, fruit salad, a fruit and yogurt "sundae," whole-grain oatmeal cookies.
• Serve small, toddler-sized portions.
• Foods should be bite-size and easy to chew.
• Toddlers like colorful foods.
• Change the venue: serve lunch in the playhouse or have an afternoon tea party for snacks.
• Toddlers enjoy playing with their food. It is a part of learning about it, so, within reason, allow this to happen but you should monitor them as much as possible not to make their food wasted.
• Let them help in food preparation.
• Grow a vegetable garden.
• Make food attractive -- arrange it in the shape of an animal, a face, etc.
• Offer limited choices. Ask "Do you want orange juice or apple juice?" instead of "What do you want to drink?"
• Eat as a family as much as possible. Kids learn by imitating.
• Help ensure that they come to the table hungry.
• Don't use food to cure boredom or as a pacifier.


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