Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Healthy Snacks for Kids

As parents we should be very particular in giving healthy snacks to our children. It is because whatever we offer them to eat might affect their choices of food and that it will lead to loose of appetite that will lead to health problems. Below are some of the suggested snacks that we should give to our children. Don't just think of delicious foods but think of what healthy benefits they can get from ewating those foods.

  • bananas
  • small boxes of favorite cereals
  • boxes of raisins
  • whole wheat, low-salt pretzels
  • homemade mini-muffins (Keep a supply in your freezer.)
  • peanut butter crackers (Make sandwiches out of whole grain crackers and natural peanut butter.)
  • mini-whole grain bagels
  • cheese cubes
  • rice cakes
  • small juice boxes
  • whole grain granola bars
  • ziplock bags of gorp (Let him decide what to mix in!)


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