Monday, March 1, 2010

Tips on How to Explain Child Punishment

As parent we should understand that children are born not really knowing the difference between good and bad and what is right and wrong. It goes on how parents teach them on what is acceptable and what is not. This can be done by one on one talking to your child and if you impose punishment then you have to explain why you have punished him. Spanking or yelling the child will not get the child understands what he should be done instead. Below are some simple steps to guide parents on how to explain their child about his punishment.

  1. Explain the punishment in simple terms especially for children under the age of 2. For example, if they are fighting with his older brother or other children. Tell him that you love him but what he is doing is wrong and it can hurt to others. Explain to your child in a soft and relax voice.
  2. Talk to a preschool age child with facts. Normally you have certain rules in the house that they should follow. Once they disobey, make an agreement that if they broke the rule there is a corresponding consequences of it. Tell him how much you love them but there is a need to punish them because of not following the said rule.
  3. Kindergarten and graders are group of children that needs to be aware of house rules. This is the age of children that needs reasons why they should be punish. Talk to him alone. Don’t embarrass him in front with other family members. Ask him why he disobeyed the rules. Give him time to explain his reasons behind and then remind him that he must take control of his actions or else he will be subject to punishment. Let him apologize to the person he hurt for.
  4. You should be direct to your teens. They are capable of listening and processing everything you say to them. At this age they are already aware of the rules and the possible consequences of their actions. Express to your teens that you are disciplining him so that he will be a respectful, obedient and productive person. Don’t forget to remind him how much you love him. Don’t assume that he knows it. He needs to hear it especially when he received punishment.


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