Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Household Chores for Children

Its summer time and kids are very excited to get rested spent time playing, watching their favorite television shows. Although they are at their young age, parents can still delegate household chores to their children. Children could and should be involved in keeping a home in an orderly and organized manner. Even the youngest child household duties when parents assign age-appropriate chores. Below are some of the suggested household chores for prescribed age.
1. Preschoolers – Children at the age of 3 or 4 can be assigned small chores around the house which are simple and easy. Instruct him/her to fix her toys after playing. Tell them to put their dirty clothes into the hamper. Put the used plates in the sink, though they are not ready to do the washes but they can do scraping their plates into the garbage after eating. They can also do feeding their pets. Actually it depends on the parent on how they can make their preschoolers follow those simple chores.
2. For 5-6 year old – For the 5-6 year old children, they can already do sorting or folding their own washed clothes. They can already wipe the bathroom sink or dust the windows and furniture. They can also perform for the washing of dishes with your consent. Children of all ages actually like to be independent. They like to help around the house with a little motivation and encouragement from adults, especially when praises and rewards are offered for a job well done.
3. For 7-9 year old – at this age the child can already do a bigger task like setting the table for meals and then clean after eating. Keeping up their rooms neat and tidy. They can already assign to wash their own clothes and dishes.
4. For teenager children – Children at this age may be a little irritated when it comes to doing chores because they are already busy for something like texting, playing games in the computer or having fun with their friends. But with proper motivation and reward system, they will tend to do the job assign to them such as cleaning the house, doing light laundry, cleaning the refrigerator or cooked simple dishes for meals.


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