Friday, February 19, 2010

Positive Parenting - One Way to Stop Temper Tantrum

It is really hard to stop temper tantrum especially in the middle of screaming and crying but it can be done if a parent knows how to deal it in a positive way. There are several techniques to know on how to handle tantrum child using positive parenting.

1. Redirect the child’s attention to stop the tantrum. Children are easily to be distracted. If you can steer the attention of the child to another direction and help him focus his attention on something that will makes him happy, that will make him calm down his emotions.
2. Lift your child up or put him on your lap while whispering and touching his hair. Because by holding him, you are helping him to contain his emotions. Your calmness and your gentle touch will help him calm down.
3. Offer a small reward for having a good behavior. Most of the children respond well to positive reinforcement. Remind him that when he consistently behave he will get a reward.

As parent it is really important to know the techniques of calming down our child especially when they are upset. A parent should have a controlled emotions in order to adjust the behavior of the child.


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