Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Deal with Temper Tantrums

Actually temper tantrums are part of the development of the child. And no parent is exempted as there is no child immune to them. However, parent must have to pay attention and behave proactively in order to reduce or somehow eliminate them completely.

Parent should note the following tips on how to eliminate or how to handle a child having a temper tantrum.

  1. Note when was the previous tantrums occur. Take note the location, time and determine the emotional state of the child when he had tantrums. Study the occurrence of the event when he has tantrums.
  2. The next time when a tantrum begins, ask yourself if what the child is feeling during that moment, is he hungry or tired? Try to cool him down by giving something that he wants to until tantrums subside.
  3. Monitor any loss of control. The child likes to feel as if he have some say or what to do in his life. For example if he wants to decide what to wear then let him be. It might be the beginning of tantrums if you go against him.
  4. Help your children by communicating your plans for the day. If you want to him to do something new announce the changes 5-10 minutes ahead of time to allow them to adjust.
  5. If the tantrum occurs in public place, stop and breathe for awhile. In a calm voice warn the child about what will happen if he continues what he is doing. If he continues his tantrum then impose the consequences.
  6. Discuss to your child afterwards about his tantrum. Explain to him how you feel bad about it and what will be the effect to him to everyone who saw him. And that next time he should not do it again.
  7. If tantrums happens at home, sometimes don’t mind him, let him expressed his feelings until he will be exhausted and tired and then he will stopped from crying or screaming.


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