Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Children Bite Their Nails?

When my little boy was three years old I really had a hard time reminding him not to bite his nails because his hands were dirty but he never listened to me. He will get angry if I stopped him what he was doing. What are the reasons why children at this age bite their nails? Children bite their nails because of curiosity or boredom, to relieve stress, or from force of habit and is mostly likely to develop or continue into adulthood. According to studies nail biting is often a way of relieving the intense but transient tensions of childhood. Children are always anxious. They want to learn something new according to what they see and observed it’s either through the television or in his surroundings. Eventually it will stop at his own time. Luckily my child now already stopped from biting his nails. I’m so happy about it because I ‘m so concern about his health. If nail biting continues as he is getting older then there are some tips on what to do about it.
Address his anxieties. Try to discover what makes him anxious. Talk to him and explain.

Don’t nag or punish. Like other nervous habits, nail biting tends to be unconscious even adults have a hard time breaking the habit. If you can no longer stand the habit, explain in a compassionate way that you don’t like to watch him biting his nails and he will be swallowing germs if he continue doing it.

Help him to become aware of the habit. Children prefer different techniques, but in general the more your child feels like a partner in this endeavor, the more likely he will succeed.


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