Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Help Toddler to Stop Using the Pacifier

When your child or toddler is used to have a pacifier, there is a tendency of being dependent on it. It is really hard for them to be away from it. It takes time and effort to let them stay away from using their pacifier. For them it is a big deal and it will be a difficult thing for everyone. First, they will really cry as in super cry. But as time pass by they tend to forget about it. Below are some ways and strategies to ease your child out of the pacifier.

  1. It should be done gradually, as in slowly. Meaning, try to limit the use of the pacifier maybe during naptime or bedtime or for the sake of letting them quite.
  2. Once you only have them for those times then just go down to during bedtime only and slowly getting rid of it. Don’t let them have anymore. Of course they may cry but eventually they will get over and forget about it.
  3. Once you have finally said no to the pacifier, you should stick to it, because if you give in even once you are making the process longer.
  4. Make a compromise. Say, “If you give this up I will give you something (that he/she likes). But stick to your decision and don’t be deceive by their cries. All you need to have is patience, determination, perseverance and comforting love for your child. I believe you can achieve your objective.


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