Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Child Discipline Is About....

Child discipline is about how to prevent behavioral problems so that punishment for misbehavior can be avoided. A helpful way about child discipline is to see it as way of teaching your child life lessons rather than as something you do to punish them for misbehaving. Showing your child what is appropriate behavior and providing the security that comes from loving but with firm boundaries and expectations will help them lay down the foundation for which they will grow to make a good choices for their life. So what is child discipline all about?
1. Teaching
         The important part of child discipline is showing them what good behavior is all about.
2. Setting Boundaries
         Having house rules will make the child feel his importance to his parents. Lack of boundaries makes the child feel insecure, lost and unable to discipline themselves.
3. Correcting
         If a child is disciplined in a loving, positive and logical way for doing something wrong, he will learn to take his actions responsively. When the child fails to follow the house rules after being told several times, then a clear consequence must be imposed in a logical and appropriate way. In this way, the child will learn how to discipline himself and regulate his own actions.
4. Showing Respect
       The way you speak to your child especially during handling matters of discipline will have an impact to how would you like your child to speak to you. Make sure to explain to him that what he did or said is unlikely, that you still love and respect him. Be sure to listen his opinions and give him time to express his feelings and then explain to him what is the correct behavior and why.
5. Consistency
       Consistency is a cornerstone of discipline for a reason. That is why if you set a rule one day and then change it the next day but suddenly punishes the child for doing so, it will lead to confusion to the child. You should be consistent to the rules being set, so that the child will know what to expect and what's expected to them.
6. Cooperation
       Child discipline is not only dictating them on what to do but getting their opinion on what he thinks about the certain rules and consequences in the house. That is why it requires cooperation between you and your child. It will teaches the child the importance of having rules and will also help them understand why some rules exist and why they are beneficial for her.


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