Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Child Discipline Is Not About!

Child discipline is teaching the child the correct way. Most parents mistakenly consider the following actions as the correct way of teaching discipline to the child. rather it will just make the situations more complicated.
Child discipline is not about:
1. Punishment- Setting boundaries and expectations for good behavior, you are laying down the foundation and giving your child tools to work toward self control and self regulation.. child discipline is not about punishing for bad behavior, rather it is about guiding the child toward a positive behavior. but it doesn't that bad behavior should be ignored. if he breaks the rules, there must be a clear and consistent consequences. The most important of imposing consequences can be a time out or loss of privileges or other repercussions. This can be the tools to correct bad behavior calmly rather than punish the child out of anger.
2.  Expressing anger- Only few parents can say that they've never lost their temper in the midst of the situation when a child is being defiant. That is why it is very important to keep in mind to have a cool head when correcting child's bad behavior. being calm can help parents to better explain to a child why disciplinary action is being taken, on what exactly they are disappointed about, and what to do in the future to avoid making the same mistakes. And if parents explain the situations in a loving manner, the child will be able to understand that their behavior may have been wrong but their parents still love them.
3. Controlling-  Setting restrictions does not mean not letting your child to make choices or giving him room to make mistakes. A child who is disciplined in a positive manner know that their opinions will be heard and that their parents respect them even when he doesn't agree with them. In this way he will gain self-confidence as he explore and grow, as even identifying the choices that will make him wrong or harmful and choices that are positive and healthy.


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