Friday, September 24, 2010

What Happen to Children With Too Relax Parents

When there are so strict parents, there are also parents who are too lax when it comes to child discipline. Relax parents are simply get rid off all the rules they implemented. They have all the rules set in the family but when time comes for imposing it they deviate or simply not doing it. The effects of inconsistent child discipline or a lack of any child discipline can create problems for the child that is just as bad as having too many rules. Children may feel insecure or will develop anxiety or stress when there is lack of consistent guidance. Children who do not boundaries of their actions while they are young may experience difficulty with self-control in the later part of their life. This may lead to social problems and relationship issues as they will appear to be self-centered and they are expecting to get their way at all times, never compromising with others. A very relax parents teaches a child to be passive-aggressive behavior. Parents who are too permissive send a message that they don’t care and this “I don’t care” attitude which often transfers tot eh child. They feel that they are above the law and do not consider the needs of others. That is why what may seem to be working at home in your child’s early years can turn into disappointment and disillusionment when he’s older and starts to experience the laws and some limits in the outside world like in school.


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