Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Social Networking Conference 2010 will be Held in Manila

Social Networking Conference 2010

It is a fact that in this present generation everybody is hook in the internet more specifically on social networking sites. It has confirmed that social networking has greatly influence public opinions and decisions, linkages to corporate networks, individuals and businesses, and dissemination of information to target audiences and target markets.

Are you a member of facebook, twitter, friendster, yahoo, you tube, multiply, digg, myspace and many other? If not yet, then it is your chance to know and gain insights on how to maximize the use of social networks and become connected to the world. To know more about social networking, Fiera de Manila and the DigitalFilipino Club is organizing the Social Networking Conference 2010 which will be held on April 22 to 23 at Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City. The two day event will geared towards companies and digital marketing, advertising professionals and businessmen, entrepreneurs who are interested to use social networks for advertising, promoting, and marketing their products and services. They have invited brilliant and expert speakers who are practitioners in the field of social networking business. Part of the program is the awarding of winners of DigitalFilipino Social Networking Awards. Everyone is invited to attend this event especially the Social Networkers, Bloggers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Digital Strategist, CRM Managers, Direct Marketing Managers, Database Managers, Brand Managers, Category Managers, Product Managers, Advertising Managers, Corporate Communication Managers, Marketing Managers, Internet Marketers, Media Managers, Content Providers, Web Developers, and those involved in marketing/advertising using the internet and mobile.


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