Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Play Is Important for Your Child?

Play is a normal part of a happy childhood development. It is one of the child’s rights. In fact, studies show that play is actually a way for your child to prepare their brains for the challenge of adulthood which is derived whether through games, music or puzzles. Play reinforces the bonding and interaction between the parent and child. Play will give your child the following benefits:
1.      it lets him to assert his independence
2.      allows him to explore his capabilities at his own pace
3.      develops their imagination
4.      encourages socialization with peers
5.      promotes good health
6.      lengthen their attention span
7.      it makes them relax and release any form of stress or anxiety
8.      strengthens the bond between parents
9.      it helps them have fun on their own


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