Friday, September 30, 2011

What is Child Discipline?

Discipline is not only good for children but it is necessary for their happiness and well-being. It is a vital healthy child development. Without discipline, children lack the tools necessary to navigate relationships and challenges in life such as self-discipline, respect for others, and the ability to cooperate with peers.
There are some parents that they don’t want to discipline or may be hesitant to discipline their children because they want to avoid conflict or they don’t want to have their children got angry with them. Others may be unable or unwilling to devote time to discipline their children because of busy works. And for others may have experience unpleasant memories of being disciplined when they were young and they want to make things easier on their own kids by giving them a relaxing rules and more freedom.
But the fact is discipline is not about creating conflict with children. Discipline when done correctly is not about trying to control your child but it is about showing her how to control her own behavior. It is not about punishing for doing something wrong but about setting clear parameters and consequences for breaking some rules. In that case she will learn how to discipline herself. A child who is taught about right from wrong and has a solid knowledge of what is negative and positive behavior will know when she has done something wrong. She will want to behave correctly out of a desire to be a good member of her family and society not because she fears punishment.


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