Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How To Handle A Hitting Child

Today’s children are so different when it comes to behavior. I can compare my childhood days and how I respect, obey and follow my parents. But today’s children are not afraid of their parents anymore. You need to call their names many times so they can hear you even if they are near. They tend to have tantrums most of the time and even hitting other people too. As far as hitting is concern is not really a good display of behavior.
According to Isaac Romano, author of said that “hitting is stress related and does not mean he is bad, but he needs to have his hitting interrupted”. Being bigger than him extend your “lovingly” support by putting a hand up and interrupt his hitting. Give him support by listening to his crying and tantrums. This will help him unloads the heavy feelings and stress inside of him. The important role is to stay relaxed, attentive and loving while listening to his crying and giving your support.
Once again, there is no need to be angered by these outbursts, but he does need you to set a limit, while staying warm, relaxed and “counselor like,” in your way with him.


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