Thursday, February 17, 2011

Processed Foods May Lessen Kids' IQs

Did you know that eating foods with high fat, sugar and processed foods at an early age may lower kid’s IQs? A new study from the University of Bristol in Great Britain. On the other hand, eating healthy foods such as salads, fish, and fruit can somehow increase the IQ.
There are research conducted to determine how kid’s diet can influence the cognitive development and the result shows that there is a correlation. That it makes a certain sense of relationship between what they eat. In conclusion, that our bodies are not independent from our brains. It goes that if we eat healthy and nutritious foods, the benefits can be seen not only in our bodies but in our minds as well.
So, whenever you buy for soda, or chips at the grocery store, always bear in mind that junk foods might be harmful to your family’s physical and cognitive health.


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