Friday, January 22, 2010

Managing Straight and Curved Lines in Life

I hate clutters and chaos. They are disturbing and abominable for me. It irritates me whenever I heard noise and shouting. All I want is peace and order especially in the house. I love to live in an orderly and organized environment. I was very particular about everything. Then, I got married. Life was as fine as i expected it to be. Until children started coming, our abode became more topsy-turvy. There were clutters here and everywhere in the house. Toys and slippers are around the corner of the house. Appliances were destroyed. I scolded them but there is no effect, everything now now became chaotic. Until I got a bright idea. I lowered my housekeeping standards. Instead of expecting everything to be prim and proper I gave them the freedom to act their age, allowing some leverage for all the clutter that kids aged from 3 to 6. In accepting the clutter my children made, I had also given them the freedom to be themselves. I let them learn that there should be some order in the house. Young as they were, they should learn that order and organization of things inside the house is important.
Young mothers sometimes forget that children are children and they have to act their age. We push them to grow up quickly, expecting them to act as adults. We sometimes ask them to make straight lines when all they can manage to draw at the moment is a crooked lines.
Motherhood has taught me that there are more important things than an impeccably clean and orderly house. It is by giving balance and harmony of crooked and straight lines in life.


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